Could Wi-Fi be Making me Fat and Unhealthy?

If you are into physics and biology like me, then Dr. Jack Kruse, a Neurosurgeon who has uncovered the key to many health problems, may be the nerd fix that you’ve been looking for. If not, that’s okay, I’m here to decipher some of his findings, the implications to mankind and what steps I’ve taken in response in order to protect my own biology and health.

EMF’s and Blue Light

You may have heard or suspected that Electro-magnetic forces and blue light from all this man-made technology around us, really isn’t good for our health. The thing is, we enjoy our technology. Electricity, microwaves, televisions, computers, cellphones, etc. make our lives easier and more enjoyable. The harmful frequencies that they are emitting are totally blind to us though. There is no signal to us or alert that we are endangering ourselves, there is no awful sulfur smell added to WiFi signals that tell us we are exposing our bodies to something harmful. We have smoke detectors and CO2 detectors but we don’t have EMF detectors in our homes that let us know if we are safe from EMF’s.

At this very moment I can pick up 7 Wi-Fi signals other than my own. I am typing on a laptop, I have my cell phone near me, I have appliances plugged in in the next room, I live in a suburban area and I won’t lie, I watch television and enjoy a game of Candy Crush on my iPad. All risk factors that can impact my health at a cellular level.

What’s the big deal you may ask? I use my cell phone every day and I’m just fine. While this may be true, you may feel fine and be one of the lucky ones, but statistically, there are many diseases and disorders such as autism, diabetes, depression, Alzheimer’s and cancer, that are on the rise and I bet everyone reading this has had some kind of impact from one of them, whether it be your own health or someone close to you. You may also have some health issues that you haven’t even associated with EMF’s such as being overweight. But the fact is, technology impacts us at a cellular level and our cells determine our health and energy levels.


We have heard a whole lot about the importance of sleep on our health recently. Blue light has a significant impact on melatonin production and circadian rhythm, resulting in an impact on sleep which so many people seem to be lacking. Blue light is emitted from our laptops, televisions, cell phones, etc. and sends a signal through our eye to our brain, telling us that it’s daytime and we should be awake. So, if we are getting blue light right before bed, it makes sense that we aren’t going to get the quality of sleep that we should. And be aware that this impact is more significant for some people than others and that includes children. The new recommendations by The Canadian Pediatric Society is NO screen time for children under 2 and limit screen time to 1 hour per day for children age 2-5 years.

If you are feeling overwhelmed after learning more about the impact of technology on our health, here are some of the things that I do to limit my exposure and minimize some of the effects that you can try.


  • I avoid eating any processed food by eating a Ketogenic diet which focuses on healthy fats and whole foods.


  • I try to eat seafood at least twice per week (salmon, mackerel, sardines, oysters, mussels, shrimp, and seaweed snacks) and I take fish oil supplements every night before bed.


  • Our tap water is non-fluoridated and I drink plenty of it. Find out if there is fluoride in your water and if there is, buy spring, mineral or reverse osmosis water instead. Flouride interferes with your body’s ability to absorb iodine which is needed for your thyroid, etc.


  • I try to stand in sun for 3 mins when I let the dog out every morning to help set my circadian rhythm for the day.


  • I also try to sunbathe for 20 mins every day, preferably in the morning between 8 and 11 am. At the very least, I walk my dog every morning and enjoy the fresh air.


  • I use blue blocking glasses when watching TV or using electronics especially in the evening and allow my family to freely make fun of me and my ‘shades’ as I’m setting a good example (and no, I don’t have a tinfoil hat to block out alien signals)_


  • I use a program called on my computer and nighttime settings on phone and tablets minimize blue light.


  • I have tried to make my bedroom a technology free zone by unplugging everything that I can and reading at night instead of watching TV.


  • I have unplugged as many unused appliances in our home as I can, such as the microwave.


  • I hate the cold but I’m attempting to get use to cold showers by rinsing my hair with cold water as cold therapy is great for our cells and immune system. You could try doing a polar bear swim or cold baths as well.


  • I am trying to avoid using my cell phone in my car and if I have to, I open the windows. It’s important not to use your cell phone in your car, especially with children or pregnant women as they are extremely vulnerable. The signals have nowhere to go when in a car, bus or airplane. It worries me that these vehicles are now becoming equipped with Wi-Fi.


  • I go barefoot whenever possible, as grounding ourselves to the earth can help discharge unhealthy electrons from our bodies.


  • I try to never use my laptop or cellphone when it is charging and don’t carry my phone in my pocket but keep it away from my body. I also try not to hold it to my head to talk but use speakerphone or wired headphones instead.


  • I try to get outside in nature whenever possible. You can step outside during breaks at work, go for a walk on your lunch, on the weekend, get out of the city and take a nature walk or go camping.


Hopefully this article has brought some awareness to you about your health and technology. I think that we are going to be hearing more about this as time goes on and the more we can do now to minimize the impact of electromagnetic frequencies on ourselves and our families, the better. By getting away from our cell phones and out into nature, we can form tighter bonds with our loved ones and protect our health at the same time.


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